It is no longer possible to bring to life animals that have been extinct from the earth. It is no longer possible to hear in the Brazilian forest the sounds of the Gritador-do-Nordeste, of the Limpa-Folha-do-Nordeste, of the Caburé-de-Pernambuco... With a digital help I bring to our human ears the spirits of these three extinct Brazilian birds singing three emblematic scenes of the ongoing legal-media-police coup taking place in Brazil; a kind of scream-mantra-antidote. Using softwares and free plugins shared on the Internet I was able to process the voice records of these birds and transformed them into tonal scale. Such images were digitally transformed into sheet music and the singing, accompanied by a grand piano, played as a possible war-noise against the ongoing Brazilian proto-dictatorship. The state of environmental exception goes hand in hand with the fascism of the coup d'etats. The images’ subtitles say: Bolsonaro is elected president of the Republic, Bolsonaro signs decree that facilitates possession of weapons, Bolsonaro officially orders that the military celebrate the coup of 64.